We Can and We Should

We’ve been talking about holograms for years here at Continuous Designs. Hatsune Miko‘s American debut in Los Angeles in 2011 was big news!

For the first time in a long tome, no one at CD went to Coachella. We didn’t get to see 2Pac live in 2012.

There are mixed reactions here, just like the rest of the world. Some of us are creeped out. Some are excited about the futuristic aspect of it. And, some, well I, think both are equally good reactions.

The general response has been similar to Fred Astaire dancing with a vacuum cleaner ten years after his death.

Nostalgia is a powerful thing.  But, if it’s manipulated for aggressively commercial use, it backfires.  We love seeing Natalie Cole in a duet with her father, Nat King Cole.  We love seeing Steve McQueen behind the wheel of a Mustang.  It feels right.  It feels good.

Tupac on stage at Coachella is commercial.  Freddie Mecury performing with Queen in 2012 is still commercial, but a little more sentimental.

Brands need to be selective in their use of this new technology.  Think it through.  A hologram boarding agent in Hall 40 at the Orly Airport in Paris, France is a great example of applying the technology well.  Even using holograms in-store to demonstrate functionality in sporting equipment could be received well by most consumers.

We expect to see much more of this in the near future from the estates of the late greats.  And, although we try to stay neutral here at CD, we sincerely hope not to see the Beatles or Grateful Dead reunion tour.


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